Our free content delivery network makes your website load quickly, wherever your users are. It includes a suite of speed-boosting features that will accelerate your website. Every NETSKIEL web hosting user gets access to it for no further cost.



Our free content delivery network makes your website load quickly, wherever your users are. It includes a suite of speed-boosting features that will accelerate your website. Every NETSKIEL web hosting user gets access to it for no further cost.



How a CDN works

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is all about making a website load faster for all users, wherever they are in the world.

This is done by storing (caching) copies of your website on servers at the network edge. For example, if your website is hosted at a UK data centre, there might be a delay if you try to access that site from the USA. So a copy of your website is stored on a server closer to the user, called a Point of Presence (POP).

Multiple copies of your site’s data is stored at different POPs throughout the world, so your site will load faster in remote places. Your users will navigate your site more efficiently, wherever they are.

While it’s good for users, it also helps your website in other ways. Search engines love fast-loading sites so there’s an SEO benefit to having a CDN.

Our free CDN

Our CDN offers the same edge caching features as paid CDNs from providers like Cloudflare.

While it has one-click activation, we give advanced users the option of development mode, and dynamic/custom cache settings – freedom to experiment.

You can purge the cache in a click to make instant updates. Nuisance visitors can be blocked by IP address or country.

Stay on top of site performance and monitor for problems with our comprehensive set of statistics. It gives raw data on CDN activity, presented in charts. So you can make informed decisions on traffic trends and monitor for issues following site changes.

20i free CDN


The Free Global CDN from a UK Company

Fast loading websites anywhere

Our global network will edge-cache full pages close to where the user is based. It works with our StackCache WordPress module – no plugins required – as well as any other software that sets public cache control headers. So it works for any site: Linux, Windows or WordPress.

The same network as the web giants

Our CDN makes use of the same internet exchange points (neutral data centres) used by AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and many other leading tech companies. So netskiel customers get access to enterprise-level connectivity.

Reliability and uptime

Improve reliability and uptime of your website, wherever your user is based. As your site is served from data centres close to them, there are fewer ‘hops’ in the network. The internet service provider only needs to route the user to our nearest POP, reducing the potential number of problems on the journey.


Supercharge your site with our CDN

Automatic image resizing

Slow-loading images are the bane of website performance. Our image CDN will scan your images and resize them for the appropriate size for mobile and desktop.

Image compression

‘Raw’ images often contain information that can be removed or compressed without a visible loss in quality. Our CDN will compress your images ‘on the fly’, saving you time.

Next-Gen image formats

Our image optimisation tools will convert files to fast-loading next-gen image formats like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP.

Code minification

We can minify and strip whitespace from our code. Our CDN will compress HTML, CSS and JavaScript files to reduce time spent parsing, compiling and executing it. Network payload is reduced, so sites load faster.

Lazy loading

Only load what’s going to be presented to the user immediately: what’s going to be seen first. Your above-the-fold content will appear in a browser more quickly by deferring off-screen images or other non-critical resources.

One-click optimisation

Give your site a performance boost on mobile and desktop with a single click. A simple risk-free solution that will give you better PageSpeed scores.

We give you the tools to get your Google PageSpeed Score to 100/100!


Features at your fingertips

Features at your fingertips

Every website is different, so the Netskiel CDN gives you control over every feature, directly from our control panels. All options are exposed so you can fine-tune performance.

For example, as well as global edge caching, you can control whether images, CSS and JavaScript are cached independently. It includes over 40 different ways to improve your website’s speed.

CDN: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about CDN:

For any company that has an international presence – or wants an international presence – a CDN is important. It means that your website will load fast anywhere in the world. Fast sites lead to more sales and better search performance.

You might think CDN may not be important to you if you’re a local ‘bricks and mortar’ business that only serves your nearby community. That’s understandable, but having a fast site gives you SEO advantages, even locally. So even if you don’t have an international market, it’s still worth activating your free CDN and making use of its website speed acceleration.


We say: since ours is free, use it all the time! There’s no disadvantage to using it, and unlike some providers, the 20i CDN doesn’t charge you for the bandwidth you use.

The only time you might want to turn off any of the Website Acceleration Suite optimisations are if they interfere with any complex functions on your site. Our friendly support team is here to help if you have any difficulties.

Don’t worry: we promise no ads, and everything’s above-board. We’re committed to using new technologies to change web hosting for the better. So our free CDN is our way of making our world-class web hosting even better value.